Stone Selections

It is important to select a stone, color, and pattern you can live with for a long time.

Once you have selected from the samples it is important to inspect the actual slab that will be used for your job. Granite and Marble are natural materials and samples will differ considerably from the slabs.

We deal with many stone distributors. We do carry a stock of materials in our shop and have a display room locally carrying many of the sample materials our distributors carry. Due to the fact we deal with many second home owners it may be easier for you to visit one of our distributors closer to your home. Please call in advance and make an appointment before visiting any of our distributors. Picking the right stone for your home can take time, call ahead to ensure they can give you their complete attention in selecting the stone you will be pleased with for a very long time.

When visiting a distributor remember:

  • Call ahead and make an appointment
  • Give them our name, address, and phone number as we will be doing the actual fabrication.
  • Let them know the number of slabs required for the job.
  • Bring samples with you of Cabinets, Wallpaper, Paint Chips, Tile Samples, Fabric swatches, etc…
  • You will be shown only the first slab in a block of stone. Slabs are cut like slices of bread from a single loaf. The slabs within a block are essentially the same.
  • Distributors will not discuss pricing other than letting you know whether a stone is in a high, medium, or low price range.
  • When a final selection is made, get a receipt with the suppliers inventory number(s) to insure that the slabs you picked are the ones used for your job.